Women's Health Care

The RISE Clinic Maternal and Child Care Division is one of the newest services introduced at RCN, aimed at providing quality care for the pregnant mother and child.

As a woman, you have special medical needs. Choosing an OB/GYN physician to attend to yours and your child’s needs is an important choice, and one taken with thoughtful care and consideration. When making a decision, you want assurance that you’ll be treated as an individual, with your specific medical needs carefully evaluated and treated. 

At RCN we are committed to:

  • Reducing the risk for maternal and child mortality by providing individualized prenatal care, postnatal care and skillful birthing

  • Protecting the child from common, preventable childhood illnesses such as infectious respiratory and diarrheal diseases and malnutrition, which accounts for over 90% under 5 childhood mortality

  • Guiding mothers through proper child spacing with focus toward excellence, client satisfaction and maternal and child safety

  • Providing mothers and families with diverse financing options to meet their healthcare needs

Services Provided:

  • Antenatal Care
  • Labour & Delivery
  • Postnatal Care & Counseling
  • Immunization
  • Family Planning

Gynecological Services, Incontinence Treatment, Wellness & Prevention Programs provided: 

RCN Maternal Health Program 

At RCN we understand healthy mothers leads to healthy families, which in turn leads to healthy and productive communities that can drive the economic development of the country. However many women simply cannot afford to pay for services despite their unrelenting efforts. With such a high cost for services relative to income, user fees considerably decrease utilization and delay treatment in maternal health services.

In order to address this financial barrier leading to high maternal and infant mortality rates, RCN urges the collaboration of the public and private sector to collaborate in the development of our Maternal and Child Health Pilot Program. This program aims to provide public assistance to supplement the cost of care for low-income mothers and their child. Assistance includes direct government subsidy, varied health insurance plans, and individualized financing options. Our hope is that this program will go a long way to helping women and mothers access the care they need for themselves and their children.