Infectious Diseases          

Infectious disease when left untreated can cause life-long complications and premature death. Furthermore, due to the risk of transmission and antibiotic resistance, untreated or improperly treated infections poses a high public health threat.

RCN's 4 Stages to Infectious Disease Management

Treatment of infectious diseases is the core of many of RCN’s therapeutic focus.   Through our clinical and community programs, RCN is committed to providing products and services to diagnose and treat a wide variety of acute and chronic infections. Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease must be closely linked if a physician is to offer highly focused, individualized care.  Antiviral drugs for the treatment of Hepatitis B and C, HIV and CMV infections can contribute to beneficial outcomes that improve patients’ quality of life. 

Common Chronic Infectious Diseases:

Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV)

Hepatitis A, B, C virus


Sexually Transmitted Diseases