Eye Care/Vision Center

Eye health is often neglected and taken for granted. However, there are few senses as essential to a person’s livelihood as that of vision. Eyes diseases (i.e. glaucoma, cataracts) and gradual decline in vision acuity can quickly disable a person causing them to lose their jobs and function poorly in overall daily activities. These problems however, can be prevented or managed when recognized early through annual eye evaluations.

RISE Clinic Vision Center

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RCN Vision Center is an emerging, powerful department equipped with modern facilities to provide quality eye care service to the under-served members of Anambra community and, in the future, Nigeria as a nation.  Above all, we boast of high quality personnel in our team that are always ready to attend to the needs of our patients at all times.  

RCN Vision Center provides comprehensive ophthalmology and optometry services:

  • Comprehensive eye examination -- to determine the health of the eye and also detection of any deviations from an optimally health eye

  • Diagnosis and management of visual disorders and eye diseases such as Dry Eye Syndrome, Glaucoma, Age-related Macular Degeneration, computer Vision Syndrome, Ocular Emergencies and first-aid, and Diabetic and Hypertensive Retinopathy

  • Pre and post surgical care

  • Patient education and counseling on how to improve eye health and hygiene, while emphasizing safety measures to avoid eye injuries.