Primary Care

RCN is a full service primary care facility providing first line chronic disease management and acute nonemergency care to the community. Emphasis is placed on building qualified health personnel, assurance of quality pharmaceuticals and health products, and individualizing care to address specific patient needs. RCN staff and community teams provide support services to patients including medication counseling, appointment reminders, social support, and healthy living tips to ensure optimal outcomes.

Our clinical staff and family medicine physicians provide compassionate care of the highest quality to you and your loved ones.

RCN Primary Care Services

Diagnosis & Treatment of common acute and chronic disease that affect the general health of the client and continuing care of varied medical conditions 

Emergency Medical Services that can be treated in a primary care clinic or setting for an unexpected health condition requiring immediate attention as determined by the appropriate medical staff

Family Planning Services assists patients in controlling fertility and achieving optimal reproductive and general health

Preventative Health Services offer medical care that focuses on disease prevention and health maintenance (i.e. immunizations, cancer screening services, screenings for chronic conditions, and health screening)

Health Education provide individuals, groups, and communities the opportunity to increase knowledge and skills needed to make quality health decisions