RISE Clinic Nigeria was founded with a mission to enhance and sustain health and overall human development potential through excellence in interdisciplinary care and patient education.  

At RISE Clinic Nigeria, we are dedicated to strengthening community health through a system of integrated healthcare delivery. Our healthcare delivery model combines primary, specialty, ancillary and inpatient services to fulfill a wide spectrum of patient health needs. Every day, we exhibit this commitment through our compassionate and patient centered approach to healthcare delivery.

We aim to strengthen the Nigerian health sector by targeting improvements to the community as a whole. We provide support and consultation services to local health facilities, and training opportunities to local health personnel in order to help optimize the quality of healthcare and sustain a solid health infrastructure in the region. 

Our approach to partnerships combines the efforts and resources of both the public and private sectors to help prevent duplication of efforts and activities, while stimulating innovation and bringing light to creative ideas towards sustainable solutions.

In addition to strong clinical care, we are also committed to research, education and community growth.  The team at RISE Clinic recognizes the value integrating clinical, research and education in order to achieve the highest clinical outcomes for our patients.