President's Message

Chukwuemeka Okeke, MS, Pharm. D.  President & Chief Executive Officer

Chukwuemeka Okeke, MS, Pharm. D.
President & Chief Executive Officer

There is no better time than now to reflect on a remarkable journey inspired by community spirit and a genuine sense of responsibility.

Two years ago, RISE Clinic was just an idea, a casual conversation between friends and family with the sole purpose of bringing light to a well deserving people. With the support of the communities we serve, our stakeholders we have grown into an exemplary health institution providing medical specialty and social services in a patient and family friendly environment.

Our health system development strategies have focused on programs and projects aimed at strengthening not just RISE Clinic but any interested local health facility or health personnel resulting in improved access to health care, better quality of services and sustainable systems for the Nigerian health sector. Our patients have become accustomed to the benefits of receiving care from a licensed and qualified multidisciplinary team of health care professionals whose sole responsibility is ensuring optimum care and good clinical outcomes. The RCN patient-scheduling framework ensures continuity of care with patients’ care team. Through our healthcare transparency initiative, every patient that walked through our doors has received comprehensive information on relevant diagnosis, diagnostic procedures, medication prescription or medical billing pertaining to their care.

Our collaboration with governments, national organizations, and the private sector have continued to ensure integrated comprehensive and quality services while building the capacity of local and national leaders. These health alliances have provided $602,518.00 (NGN 95,197,844) in direct care to over 5000 Nigerians at the community level. Our research partnerships have led to recognition and presentations at professional conferences in San Diego, California; San Francisco, California and Dublin, Ireland and we are excited about the clinical and non-clinical interventions currently developed to address the identified needs.

We are still a long way from our mission to enhance and sustain health and overall human development potential through excellence in interdisciplinary care and patient education. However, we are confident that our culturally diverse and tolerant environment will foster continued progress towards establishing sustainable health programs aimed at increasing access to quality healthcare, maximizing resources and decreasing healthcare costs.

We are grateful to our host community for its support and appreciation of the work we do. We would like to recognize our highly valued staff and team for their contribution to the continued success of RISE Clinic. The management of RISE Clinic Nigeria and the community we serve thank you for your dedication towards providing the best patient- and family-centered care.