Patient Rights

  1. The patient has the right to personal privacy. 

  2. The patient has the right to receive care in a safe setting. 

  3. The patient has the right to be free from all forms of abuse or harassment. 

Standard: Confidentiality of Patient Records 

  1. The patient has the right to the confidentiality of his or her clinical records. 

  2.  The patient has the right to access information contained in his or her clinical records within a reasonable time frame. The hospital must not frustrate the legitimate efforts of individuals to gain access to their own medical records and must actively seek to meet these requests as quickly as its record keeping system permits. 

Standard: Restraint or Seclusion

All patients have the right to be free from physical or mental abuse, and corporal punishment. All patients have the right to be free from restraint or seclusion, of any 
form, imposed as a means of coercion, discipline, convenience, or retaliation by staff. Restraint or seclusion may only be imposed to ensure the immediate physical safety of the patient, a staff member, or others and must be discontinued at the earliest possible time. 

All patients have the right to: 

  • Choose to have a consultation done via telehealth services or by traveling to a specialist abroad 

  • Choose to stop telehealth services at any time