Neurological & Epilepsy Care

Epilepsy is among the most common non-communicable neurological disease in sub Saharan Africa, yet is often neglected due to lack of awareness. As a consequence, many individuals living with epilepsy are left untreated, which can have significant impact on their quality of life.

NECAP was developed to spread awareness and provide access to treatment for patients living with this debilitating disease. The program centers on improving epilepsy care by developing epilepsy clinics across the region, focusing on disease awareness, medication availability and safety and drug level monitoring of AEDs. 

Improving epilepsy care through sustainable epilepsy clinics and programs

Program Progress

  • Established an epilepsy program at RISE Clinic
  • Diagnosed and enrolled 240 epilepsy patients in a program providing 12 months of free specialty care including consultations, medications, and patient education
  • “Established a network of stakeholders (Neurology/ epilepsy professionals, health institutions, government agencies and NGOs)
  • Gathered primary data on the utilization, efficacy and safety of therapy in a target group 


  • Treatment and support with goal of enabling these patients to rejoin society and find new employment in order to finance their continued care 

The NECAP Program brings light to this devastating disease and allow patients to live full, happy, healthy, and seizure free lives.