Low Income Health Assistance

To address the financial barriers to healthcare in the community, RCN’s Low Income Health Assistance (LIHA) program funds medical care for low-income residents of medically underserved communities in the region for up to one year. The program’s objective is to remove financial barriers to receiving care, allowing patients to become healthy productive individuals who can contribute to the economic development of their community.

LIHA 2012-2013 pilot program, which provided approximately 100 patients with free medical care, was solely funded by RCN. Each year the program enrolls a new set of qualifying patients and provide existing LIHA patients with the option of reenrolling. As the program continues to grow, RCN hopes to establish a network of community health centers, hospitals, community physicians, and mental health providers within a 50-mile radius of the clinic facility to provide health care services.

The Low Income Health Assistance offered to 100 qualified patients for a 12 month period currently covers medical procedures that are deemed medically necessary by RCN providers. These services are provided at no costs to enrolled patients and include:

  • Access to primary care provider (outpatient)
  • Emergency medical services
  • Prescription drugs and Medication Therapy Management
  • Laboratory testing
  • Medical Rehabilitation

With continued growth of the program, the services will expand to include:

  • Inpatient Services
  • Dental Services
  • Limited Mental Health Benefits
  • Specialty Care
  • Vision Coverage

Providing subsidized healthcare for low income families to receive primary care services at minimal to no cost