Community Health Screenings

Community screenings and education are one of the most recognizable forms of community-based health promotion. RCN’s community screening and awareness events provide access to care for the public by leveraging community-based medical volunteerism.

Health screenings at these health events provide the opportunity to reach a large segment of the public and identify people as being at risk for disease. However, these events are not a substitute for seeking comprehensive care with a physician. The donated consultations, surgeries and procedures provided help reduce the strain on the already stretched Nigerian health system and provide economic relief for the beneficiaries.

In addition to providing much-needed medical care to participants, we are also creating local and international volunteer opportunities for medical professionals. Development of these events incorporates effective monitoring and evaluation phase to ascertain the validity of project strategy, cost-effectiveness and impact of participant quality of life.

2012 Health Fair

  • Performed disease screenings and provided patient education to over 1000 Nigerians
  •  Identified 100 Nigerians who qualified for the Low Income Health Assistance (LIHA) program to receive 12 months of free healthcare
  • Gathered and trained 265 local and international volunteers
  • Partnered with 18 local and international academic institutions and 2 community organizations

“Free Clinic Days 2013

  • Performed disease screenings and provided patient education to 2000 Nigerians 
  • Diagnosed 800 high-risk individuals and referred to RCN for follow-up
  • Gathered 85 local and international volunteers
  • Partnered with 2 community organizations 

Identifying individuals at risk for diseases, understanding health status and issues affecting the population, and connecting local and international volunteers to create better medical professionals