Telehealth uses the latest technology to connect patients to distant specialists to ensure access to quality care is met. Through personalized telehealth visits, patients and physicians can communicate via videoconferencing, allowing for a real-life experience. 

RISE GHI Telehealth Services allows the use of innovative technological advancements to better equip health facilities with telehealth services through increased training on telehealth technology, increased access to specialty provider networks, as well as increased access to continuing education opportunities in specialty care.

These services utilize electronic information and telecommunication technologies to provide patients with increased access to specialists while reducing overall healthcare costs. We provide avenues for improved access to quality care using telehealth and case-based e-learning platforms to enhance disease management.  

We also empower local community providers with the knowledge to properly manage these conditions. Our network of US-based specialists serves as trainers and facilitators allowing the community providers to drive disease management. 

Our pilot activities focus on providing care for:

Services provided for your needs and benefits:

  • Specialty consultation 

  • Medical records management 

  • On-going disease management 

  • Referral services