RISE Clinic Home Care Feasibility Study

This study was approved by the RCN Board to assess the need for assisted living as well as home care program for senior citizens residing within 20-mile radius of the RCN facility. The study report includes demographic information and an assessment of demand for such services.

As the community continues to be educated on chronic disease management through pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic alternatives, RCN Board anticipates a significant reduction in avoidable deaths in the elderly. This reduction will subsequently lead to an expansion in the elderly population in our service area.

The feasibility study will provide recommendations for effective development of programs and services for the elderly. Additionally, this exercise will provide evidence for accepting or rejecting the proposed options for improving care for the elderly:

  • Provision of In-home medical and supportive care: Tackling the health and mobility barriers experienced by the elderly

  • Provision of Medical Transportation Services: Tackling poor transportation network and the resulting decreased access to a reliable health facility.

  • Caregiver Volunteering Initiative: To provide opportunities for the elderly to participate in caregiving as well as other community outreach events.