Prevalent Health Conditions



Calcium Screening

Many common women’s health issues such as calcium deficiency often go undiagnosed leaving women in the community unaware of long-term complications. Chronically low calcium levels can affect all bodily systems and many lead to impaired bone formation, skeletal and cardiac muscle dysfunction, and neurological complications. This often leads to lifelong debilitating diseases that are often preventable when diagnosed and treated early.

On October 23 and 30 of 2012, RCN conducted a 2-day outreach event to educate women on the importance of a nutritious diet and active lifestyle in the maintenance of bone and overall health. During this event, patients were offered calcium and albumin level checks. Those whose laboratory values were out of range were asked to follow up with a physician for further assessment. Individuals with low calcium levels were also given calcium supplements and asked to come back to the clinic in 1 month for follow-up. Over 100 men and women came out to the event and were offered individual counseling on the results of their tests.